NFMC Federation Cup Program 2018



* The NFMC Federation Cup Program offers additional incentive to all entrants in the NFMC Festivals Program. The NFMC Federation Cups are awarded on a point system based on the Area Festival ratings. Participation is optional and the fee is to be paid on an annual basis.

* For each Superior rate, the students get 5 points in Piano Solo Event; Excellent – 4 points; Satisfactory – 3 points and so forth. When they accumulate enough points, they will be rewarded with different cups.

* NFMC Federation Cup Awards Chart:

First — Cup 6″ cup — 15 points
Second — Cup 8″ cup — 30 points
Third Cup — 10″ cup — 45 points
Fourth Cup — 12″ cup — 60 points
Grand Cup — 14″ cup — 75 points
President’s Cup — 15″ cup — 90 points

* Cup fees must be paid on an annual basis. Fees are $5.00 for each regular cup event, except for Senior Concerto, which is $5.50.

* The teachers are responsible for the application. If you want to enter the program, please let me know by March 14th, Wednesday. I need to send the application to the District on March 14, postmarked.

* For more information, check this page;

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