HOME TRAINING – 05/24/21

Use Your Musical Ears and Listen to Your Sound from the Piano!

    • write SOLCO on your book
    • practice the melody with SOLCO; watch out for the dynamic expressions; listen to your sound!
    • practice the song until it sounds nice & easy
    • right hand has the melody. bring our your melody over your left hand chords
    • work on the melody with the SOLCO
    • add dynamics & other expression while you carefully listen to your sound

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  1. There is a man taking his family on a vacation that everyone is excited for. The kids are asking are we there yet every ten minutes and the parents are trying to keep a hood attitude. Finally they arrive and they all habe a great time!

  2. I think I can make my repeat better by thinking about how I’m going to play (as far as creativity goes) differently both times.

  3. My story for the “Night of the Tarantella is very different compared to the original. It is a boy who is trying to fit in with a school of fast dancers and he’s dancing after many months of practice.

  4. I’ve noticed that some of the high keys on my piano hold as if I were holding the pedal when I tap them, is there a reason?

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