HOME PRACTICE – 09/24/20

  • CZERNY #12 :
    • practice with the video above. ~ms. 11 (3/5)
  • ALLEMANDE (page 16):
    • research on the composer, “Telemann’; what is Allemande, Courante, Gigue?
    • train your fingers & mind with the practice video below. (play with me!) ~ms.25 (4/7)
    • Print the music below and study the ornaments. Copy each measure to the blank measure that follows.
    • practice the song with correct ornaments
  • Write three BEAUTIFUL QUESTIONS on the comment

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  1. These are the comments from last week:
    Why do trills start with the 2nd note?
    Why can’t composers just use largossimo, largo, andante, moderato, allegro, presto, and prestissimo instead of piu mosso and other complicated tempos?

    1. Yes, ms. 11 is one of the hardest measures of the song. Try to count the beat in 4/4, not 8/8. Practice the left hand with the feeling of 4/4, until you feel comfortable. Then RH in 4/4, (not is 8/8/). Then put them together. Keep working!

    1. call the tuner and check if he (or she) offers the tuning service during this time. Share your concerns about the safety measure and find out what he (or she) would do to protect herself and her clients. If her safety measure meets your satisfaction and expectation, then hire the person to tune your piano. I suggest everyone wears masks including the tuner, and make sure to keep the social distance during the tuning.

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